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Portugal has long been popular with travellers due to its breathtaking sceneries

Cycling and walking in the Algarve

If you enjoy cycling and walking, then pay a visit to the Algarve and find the vast network of paths and trails available in the area. Not only will you have an unforgettable experience but you're sure to have the sunlight for a comapny because the Algarve has sunshine just about all year round.

Christmas Holidays

No plans yet for your Christmas holidays? We've got some suggestions for you! With so many trips available and at such reasonable prices you're sure to find something attractive. What are you waiting for? Book your flight and in about two hours you could be landing in Portugal for a well-deserved break -- Lisbon, Porto, Faro, the Azores or Madeira may be the start of your explorations...

Schist villages

Hidden between mountain slopes of leafy vegetation, the schist villages are one of our best kept secrets, but one which their friendly, friendly inhabitants enjoy helping to reveal. In this magical world, where time passes more slowly, the hospitable people always have the opportunity to welcome visitors, and also to share their stories, crafts and customs.


How to prevent water from entering your Garage You go to your garage only to find it flooded with water after heavy storms. Garage owners will attest to having been in the same position at some point in their life. This can destroy most of the equipment’s stored in your garage. The problem could be minor leaks to overflow of water from outside. Before you start to panic, you can consider the following solutions. Installing a seal When you are installing your garage door, you could have included a weather seal. But, with time the seal rots and becomes useless. You can notice poor seals by their ability to bring in sunlight from outside through the bottom or the sides. The solution will be to install a new seal. This should run along the sides of the garage door repair. Ensure that the seals are the right size and they leave no empty spaces. The seal has an added benefit of raising the garage door which keeps away weather elements. Installing rain gutters The reason that your garage is flooded could be as a result of running water finding its way into the garage. The position or absence of gutters could be the reason for this. You can change the gutter position and redirect them from sensitive areas of the garage. Appropriate downspouts can also be installed to redirect rainwater. Leveling your land The reason for garage flooding can be a result of the terrain around the garage. If your garage is located at the bottom of the slope, then water will filter in. The solution is to level the area around the garage so that water can be directed away from the garage. You can also increase the height of your driveway with concrete. This could require you to hire a professional landscaper to assist you with designs and reconstruction. Drain system Even after implementing the above measures your garage still floods because it sits on the lower area than the driveway. It may not be possible to change the garage design at this point, but you can dig trenches around the garage to drive water away. You can add a metal grate to enable you to drive your car comfortably. The channels can be few inches deep, but the design should be effective in driving water away from the garage. Raise Garage floor The other permanent solution is to raise your existing garage floor. This solution while time-consuming and requiring extra funds can offer a long lasting solution to garage flooding. You will need to talk to a contractor to give you a quote and ideas on how to raise the garage floor. Typical materials used include concrete. Consult widely before taking this option. You should also check your house water system for any leaks that could be finding its way into your garage. Seal them before they cause any more damage. Conclusion Rainwater can cause havoc to your garage. You should first identify the source of the leakage before taking any preventive measures. Gutter and seals can help drive out rainwater but if you are searching for a permanent solution then consider raising your garage.
There is a reason that the garage door is such a popular and recognizable part of your home, for the first part it is just large. When compared to the monotony of most homes’ exteriors the garage door is a welcome aesthetic break. Some lines to break up things and maybe even a flash of color. This, the front door and the windows are probably the only things that are really noticeable on the front of your home. You shouldn’t be entering or exiting through the windows so that leaves the front door and the garage door. For many the front door is the obvious choice and most popular one. It speaks out to you on the curb and tells you to go there. The garage door however can be equally as inviting. Both are great entry ways, but the question is, which one should you be using? They both have their own pluses and minuses, but which one is best for you really depends on you, your family and you lifestyle. So knowing which is better in which situation of course is never a bad idea. Front doors certainly have their place. They look welcoming and impressive, they can be had for a small amount of money and they work pretty much how you’d expect them to work. Opening them is easy and takes no energy at all, electrically speaking. They also have their downsides though. They are pretty small, they can be pretty easily made insecure if you aren’t careful and they are easy to forget about. All these things can make the bet door break down and become pretty much useless when it comes to keeping you and your gamily sage. Home intruders might not be incredibly common, but that one time someone checks your door to see if it’s an easy target you’ll sure be hoping that it’s locked and well. The garage door on the other hand has a different set of advantages and disadvantages. The firs being that the cost of a garage door and garage door opener is probably going to be a bit higher than for a simple front door. They’re often made of similar materials and in similar ways, but there is the opener on top of that and the garage door is a lot larger. The second disadvantage to using your garage door as your main entry way is the energy. Garage door openers of course take more energy to be opened and closed than a normal front door. Over time this can add up after years and years of use. It may not be a whole ton of electricity and power, but it will be more than none. Another large drawback of the garage door is the need for garage door repairs and garage door maintenance. Your average front door obviously needs very little repairing and maintenance. Maybe greasing the hinges and painting either side every so often, but that is about it. Garage doors however have garage door repairs that naturally come up. Things break because there are far more parts. Garage doors do have pluses though. They are larger, have more security measures and are much harder to forget about. With the new apps out there to make sure your garage door is closed it is even easier now to make sure your garage door is closed when you are out. Depending on your lifestyle one might be better than the other, but it is nice to have both as options in the long term.

There are many fascinating things to do in Melgaço. Whatever be your interest, there is something for everyone. There are historical sites, cultural places and many local attractions in which captures your heart and mind. You can discover many new things and see unique locations in and around Melgaço. Melgaço is a beautiful medieval town, and it is filled with valleys and vineyards.
Things to do in Melgaço, 2017

The following are some of the things you can do in Melgaço:

Take a walk in the medieval town:

When you enter the town one of the first things you will see is the Tower of Homage. The city has a beautiful view of the Minho valley and is also filled with vineyards, which surrounds Melgaço and the nearby Peneda Geres Park.

The Tower of Homage is a part of the castle which protected the town from Spaniards back in those days. The streets of the town are narrow, and most of the houses don’t have more than three floors. Don’t miss out to taste the wine from the green vineyards. You can also visit the Romanic churches in the town. You will also find a small museum of archaeology, where you can learn about the medieval past of the village.

Take a small dip in the thermal baths and hot springs:

Melgaço is quite popular for its hot springs and thermal baths. There is a beautiful resort outside the town named Termas de Melgaço, and it is located right in the middle of a nature park. People believe that these hot springs and thermal baths help with breathing and stomach problems. If you want to try the thermal bath, you can try it at the Termas main fountain, and you usually get it free of cost. The water from the spring tastes like soda, but it is not advisable to drink more than one glass of water from the spring. You also have many spas and pools with medical facilities in the resort.

Wine tasting:

The Province is said to have a warm climate as it is surrounded by mountains. The mild weather helps in the growth of wine, and they have the Alvarinho brand which is considered to be one of the best white wines in the world.

You will be able to see many vineyards and wineries in the town, and you can visit them. Do not miss out to see the House of Alvarinho where you can do wine tasting and also learn about the production processes of wine and its characteristics. It is best to visit in the month of November when a festival is conducted where sparkling wine is promoted. If you visit during the summer, you will be able to see the exhibit done by Festa do Alvarinho e do Fumeiro. These local producers will show you their produces.

Most of us think that go-karting is very simple as we know how to drive on the roads. We also would have played go-karting on video games and feel that it is quite simple to go go-karting in real time. But if you take a closer look at the tracks it is harder than it looks. If you happen to attend a party where you have a go-karting race event you can have an advantage over your colleagues and friends by following some of the tips and suggestions on how to win at a go-karting race.
Go Kart Racing Tips & Tricks

Keep wide when you are in a corner:

In the race whenever you are in a corner make sure that you keep wide. When you keep wide, you allow the corner entry to be smooth, and you also reduce the angle wherever you turn in the corners. Before you turn your vehicle in the corner, try to lift off the power. After you put the power off, you need to hit the brakes and reduce the speed. Focus on the apex and the centre point of the turning area and then turn toward your inside. Make sure that you are close the apex when you are in the middle of the turn.


Unlike cars and other vehicles, go-Karts have a rigid chassis, fixed axle and they do not have any suspensions.  Try to maintain a neutral and relaxed posture, and this will help you to sustain your balance and gain speed and try not to bend like a biker while go-karting. Always be in your best posture and do not try to strain too much as you can’t focus on the race.


Seating is an essential thing to be considered while go-karting. You need to make sure that you are seated on your back in a comfortable position. When you are correctly seated, your legs will bend, and your feet will accurately touch the pedals. If you happen to be thin, then it is advisable to have a pad inserted in the seat to keep it from shaking. 


Hold the steering tightly and make sure that you are holding it for the quarter to 3 positions. You need to have strong muscles to have a good control of the steering. When you have a good grip, you will be able to pivot the kart from left to right and have control over the strain that is being exerted.


Never lose your momentum. Try to predict what your next move will be and make your plans accordingly. When you anticipate your next moves, you will avoid unnecessary slow-downs and braking on your kart. When you avoid the applying unwanted brakes, you will maintain your momentum and tend to go on a faster and smoother pace.



With its mild climate, 3000 hours of sunshine per year and 850 kms of splendid beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is the perfect holiday destination all year round. This is a country that has the oldest borders in Europe, with an exceptional range of different landscapes just a short distance away, lots of leisure activities and a unique cultural heritage, where tradition and modernity blend together in perfect harmony. Its superb cuisine, fine wines, and hospitable people make this a tourist paradise of the highest quality.